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Connecting to Oracle Database
Using TNSNAMES.ORA in Java

Knock knock

Utilizing TNSNAMES.ORA in Java

– You have to use TNSNAMES.ORA.
– TNS-what?
– What-names?
– T N S N A M E S!
– What-what?

In the following thread on StackOverflow:


a question concerning usage of net service names, stored in the TNSNAMES.ORA file, was asked. Let me briefly explain how to connect to Oracle using this approach. Continue reading

Three-valued Boolean Logic

The Three-eyed Raven likes it

Shortly about chickens and roads…

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because 1 > NULL AND cross_the_road()

I bet you have heard about the chicken and you know at least a dozen reasons why it had crossed the road. I wouldn’t bet, though, that you have heard about the three-valued logic. And this one is interesting, it even makes the chicken cross the road. The answer to the above question could also be given as: Because it (the chicken) didn’t short-circuit evaluate. What does it all mean? Continue reading