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GitBlit – Handling a File Rename in Pre Hooks

Git in practice

I’ve been recently writing a pre hook for Git to check if any of the committed files violate any policies. I’m using GitBlit and it’s using JGit (an implementation of Git written in Java). You can’t use normal Git pre hooks with GitBlit, but you can write them in Groovy.

GitBlit’s author created an API to ease the use of JGit in pre hooks. I needed to detect if a file was renamed, and have access to its old path, as well as the new one.

Unfortunately, the documentation of PathChangeModel (which corresponds to a file in a commit) doesn’t state how to obtain the old path – the renamed file object’s path property contains the new path.

Luckily, it’s open source! I’ve had a look into the source code of the mentioned class and it turned out that, in case of a rename, the old path is stored in the name property. Take a look at the following example. Continue reading

Git – Local Commands

And remote and local copy of a repository

Git is an extremely powerful Distributed Version Control System. And by saying that, I’m getting straight to business.

The “Distributed” part means that there is no central repository on which all developers are working. On the contrary – every developer has a clone of some publicly available (whether on the internet, or at work) repository. The “central” becomes just a place to share your work and pull others’ changes.

This is one of the features that make working with Git very handy. It is also one that people often don’t realize. Continue reading