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Stay awhile and listen.


The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
Stephen King – The Dark Tower I – The Gunslinger

I have finally started my blog. It took me a long, long time, but here I am, and I welcome you.

Why another technical blog, you may ask?

Not a long time after I have started learning programming did I find out that there is an answer to almost any question I had about programming, or a solution to a problem I had faced, somewhere over there, in the corners of the Universe… Internet, I mean.

Years passed, and I became a moderator of a website and forum about programming and I have started writing articles. I loved it. Leaving something behind me to help others in the future is a marvellous idea. Through writing for others I was also learning a lot, as writing articles also expands and consolidates one’s knowledge. It lasted for a few years.

Later, when I started my first job as a programmer, I was digging through the Internet countless times to find solutions to the problems I faced at my work, or to learn about something I had no idea whatsoever, and had to use.

I am a guy who silently and quickly scans articles where he can possibly find a solution to his problem. I leave no comments, I do not send emails saying “That article of yours, what a great job!” I do, however, say my silent “Thank you” and tell myself I shall one day once again share the little knowledge I possess and let others say their silent “Thank you” to me, or leave a comment, if they have enough time and will it.

The day has come, and here I am to contribute.

I consider myself a guy with a sense of humour. I will try to incorporate it in my articles to an acceptable degree, hopefully with success.

I would also like to point out one thing: quality is what drives me. I believe that it is not the point to do something, but to do it right. I will try to make my articles pixel-perfect, thorough, accurate and helpful. If you find any mistakes (typos even), you think that I have not explained something clearly enough or you have an idea how I could make my article better, please – do not hesitate to contact me: przemyslaw.kruglej (not a donkey)

That being said, I’m anxious to begin this journey. I have started this very first post of mine with the beginning of the first part of Stephen King’s magnificent “The Dark Tower” series. I recommend it – it is a journey worth taking (just as I believe writing this blog will be), and once taken, you will never leave the path of beam again. Maybe you will even meet the turtle along the way?

Przemysław Kruglej

P. S. The picture in the header is a part of a photo of my father’s cherry orchard in Spring that I’ve taken. It’s his hobby. Well, 1,5ha of a hobby… maybe I should write HOBBY… or, taking into account that there are over 500 cherry trees, a hobbby.

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