Welcome to my blog. I’m a software developer from Poland. I’ve started my journey with programming over 17 years ago, and I’ve been working as a software developer for the past 10 years.

Recently, I have decided to do something different and I quit my job. Now I’m writing a book for people who would like to learn programming in Java. It is available for free at my other site: https://kursjava.com. I also plan to do more things related to teaching software development in the near future.

I have also written a document in which I share my experience and thoughts about what it means (and what it takes) to be a successful software developer – you can read at here: https://craftsmanshipof.software

The point of this blog is to share my knowledge. The idea of leaving something behind me to help others in the future is a marvellous idea.

I would also like to point out one thing: quality is what drives me. I believe that it is not the point to do something, but to do it right. I will try to make my articles pixel-perfect, thorough, accurate and helpful. If you find any mistakes (typos even), you think that I have not explained anything clearly enough or you have an idea how I could make my article better, please do not hesitate to contact me: przemyslaw.kruglej@gmail.com